Android Gaming News Flash: EVE Echoes enters Closed Alpha

One of the biggest and oldest space-based MMOs is getting its mobile version to the Closed Alpha stage. EVE Echoes will also be defined with the classic space-faring scenario where you'll get a ship, explore the galaxy, mine and acquire resources, trade, and naturally, do plenty of space battles, both PvE and PvP.

The storyline, or lore to be precise, will be set in the alternative New Eden universe that CCP Games are building with NetEase. The entire setup will be a sandbox game, so players will have the opportunity to do pretty much whatever they like in their role as a space captain.

The invites for the Closed Alpha went out, so if you didn’t get it, too bad. The trial begins on Monday 26th of august and lasts for less than a month. Hopefully, the game will be close to release after that, but follow it on its official website in any case.