Twitch Stream Showcase: BrightBeyondDarkness

If there’s one unique thing that you’ll first notice about the BrightBeyondDarkness Twitch stream it is the use of language on this gaming channel. Here, I don’t mean the actual words this content creator employs but the languages he uses, which cover both German and English!

This is a very interesting twist to the content creator space, which is either predominantly based on Enlighs with it comes to Twitch streamers, or it has its small communities working in some other language. However, for BrightBeyondDarkness, there was no choice because he took the smart road and chose to do both.

When it comes to his gaming choices, he might be new to Twitch and content creation, but you can already see huge potential here. Right now, his channel features some For Honor streams, but also some hilarious Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet clips where you can witness first-hand his combo usage of English and German!

Of course, this has some hilarious results as expected. Besides Twitch, he also has a YouTube gaming channel. Here, you can see him playing H1Z1 but also SUPERHOT, a very weird and very fun twist on the shooter genre. Thanks to all of this, you can safely say that BrightBeyondDarkness is really into very different games and this is always good in my (gaming) book.

Throughout all of this, he is more than mindful of his fans and the broader community. This is why he maintains a Twitter account, but more importantly, a Discord server as well. Both of these can help anyone who wants to connect and join his circle of gamers do so easily. Clearly, he is more than happy to do that connecting in at least two different languages!

If you’re one of those who finds both these games and the choice and mix of languages interesting, you should follow the BrightBeyondDarkness Twitch channel right now!