Twitch Stream Showcase: slimsquid

I really believe there’s a huge potential in gaming and the same often reflects on personal lives. Frequently, this is something that happens in the background and without much grander, but the effects are still astounding, as the slimsquid Twitch stream perfectly shows.

This channel is run by a US Navy veteran and XBox streamer who mainly plays Apex Legends. But, more importantly, he is a life-long gamer who often moved as a kid, changing countries every two or three years. In that time, he came across many challenges, including instances of bullying. Yet,  video games, as he eloquently explains on his website, allowed him to overcome all of this.

Now, he is a passionate voice against bullying, so much so that he founded I.N.K. This foundation is dedicated to supporting everyone dealing with bullying or issues related to this terrible and apparently growing problem. I.N.K. stands for Inspire, Noble, and Kindness. Today, slimsquid works hard on spreading the word about this foundation, but also building a community where all could feel welcome.

It is hard to underline just how significant all of that is. As gaming expands and brings in more and more people, including very young kids, the potential for emotionally damaging situations also grows. Places like the one slimsquid harbors confront this problem head-on and that is how actual change happens.

At the same time, the streaming style of slimsquid and his friends are not there to preach or be condescending. He is a very cheerful guy who truly enjoys gaming and you can see this in his streams. He can go for jokes, bad impressions, and many other things, but he also shows that none of them have to be malicious in any shape or form.

Check out this important voice in the gaming community on his Twitter and don’t forget to follow him on his slimsquid Twitch channel where you can also find ways to support I.N.K!