Twitch Stream Showcase: redslush

Besides its super-cool name, the redslush Twitch stream has one more characteristic that makes it very recognizable - its choice of gaming titles. The stream and its content creator by the name of Tom are all currently very much about Apex Legends! Tom is based in the South of England and it won’t take you long to notice that he has some serious Apex skills. More importantly, he is able to make very engaging Apex videos that feature some insane action and gun-fu that covers everything from close-range SMGs to long-range sniper shots.

Besides Apex Legends, Tom is also into other AAA games like Bioshock series, Call of Duty (not surprisingly with his FPS experience) and Vampyr. He is also employed full time, but he still manages to find ways to stream five or more times per week. Check out the Twitter account of his gaming organization (looking to help anyone who wants to break into streaming) and follow his redslush Twitch channel right now!