Twitch Stream Showcase: Pulvs

The Pulvs Twitch stream might be relatively new and small, but I’m betting it’s the size won't stay like this for long. The gamer behind the channel is called Adam and he’s a 27-year-old resident of Sacramento who works full time for a small tech company you might have heard of - Intel. Yet, besides this job, Adam is very passionate and extremely interested in video games. Better still, he’s also knowledgeable about them without being irritating or preachy (which is something many gaming experts on Twitch completely fail to realize).

Currently, you can see Adam play Dark Souls, Hearthstone, Dead by Daylight, League of Legends, but he is also clearly interested in a huge range of different titles and genres. For example, you can watch Adam play matches in Hearthstone and see him examine the stats and probabilities of the game’s mechanics, but he’s also, later on, play Dark Souls and freely goof around. It seems to me that his tech background and gaming interest found a way to merge in a very unique and engaging approach to video game content creation.

But, above all else, Adam is fun to watch. All this comes from his desire to first and foremost have fun on Twitch and share his passion while having lots of laughs as he puts it. This means that Adam wants to entertain those who watch him and this is a crucial element needed for any successful game content creator.

He also seems very friendly and open to meeting other gamers - his Discord server is the ideal way to do the same. Besides this, he also uses Instagram and Twitter, so there’s plenty of options for anyone who’d like to find out what he is all about. If you too want to join him on his streams, be sure to follow his Pulvs Twitch channel as soon as you can!