Twitch Stream Showcase: NecroticGodking

When you find a Twitch stream called NecroticGodking - let me break that down for you - “Necrotic” + “Godking” (well, that’s also “God” + “King”) you’ll probably expect something different. But, I bet you’re not expecting a streaming channel with really cool, funny and friendly gamers. However, this is precisely what you get with this crew of gaming enthusiasts. The streamer behind the channel mainly plays on Xbox but is usually joined by two of his friends.

Once all the boys are there, the fun can start. Here, the viewers will be able to enjoy the discussions around a line from Deep Rock Galactic where a dwarf character says “die like your mother did” and just how wrong that is. But, things like that only scratch the surface of weird and wonderful fun to be had with these gamers.

The Twitch stream is relatively new, but it features content from games like Killing Floor 2, Rainbow 6, and Payday 2, but also less known titles like Hunt: Showdown. Once out, the crew of the NecroticGodking will start playing Planetfall, all the while being open to both interact with viewers and get tips or constructive criticism from them.

So, if you too are someone who enjoys some atypical gaming goodness, support these games on their Patreon page, but first, follow the NecroticGodking Twitch channel!