Twitch Stream Showcase: KiZe_TV

The KiZe_TV Twitch stream is laser-focused on a single game, but one with planetary and decade-long popularity - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The channel is run by an 18-year-old gamer who has been playing CS:GO competitively for some time. As of lately, he began grinding and battling a lot more. The effectiveness of that push is plain to see. KiZe_TV results are featured on both FaceIt and ESEA websites rankings. But, the best way to see just how good this gamer is in CS:GO is to check out a clip like this one.
Clearly, his FPS skills are on a professional level and that is also his ultimate goal: going pro. If you’d like to support him on this journey, follow his Twitter and YouTube channel. But, before you do any of that, follow his KiZe_TV Twitch channel and get immersed in some amazing CS:GO action!