Twitch Stream Showcase: DistinctivFx

I bet that the DistinctivFx Twitch stream comes with a gaming combo you never saw before - it currently showcases two games. The first one is Apex Legends, which is not that unusual, but the second is MLB The Show 19, or one of the most popular baseball games in the world right now!

This mixture might be odd at first glance, but this gamer and content creator makes it work. Here’s why: he is a former college baseball player who is currently a college coach. His wish is to enjoy these games and share his love for them with his fans - he’s doing a great job so far! The DistinctivFx streaming style is very casual and relaxed, which he mixes with jokes, bad singing/rapping and many other goofy things as well. This makes him more than approachable as a content creator and an older YouTube gaming channel shows the same.

If this sounds like something you’d like to get into, follow him on Instagram and don’t forget to follow his DistinctivFx Twitch channel!