Twitch Stream Showcase: cortezw1

The cortezw1 Twitch stream showcases pure and intense gaming action - this is the best and simplest way to present both its content and its content creator. The gamer behind the channel, first of all, has one thing going for it that is becoming increasingly rare: he played both on PS4 and PC. In an age where more and more content creators are becoming platform-exclusive, cortezw1 is willing and able to create content on both of these. The same openness applies to his choice of games.

His channel features a lot of Apex Legends content, which I fully and wholeheartedly support. But, besides Apex, he also plays scary and horror games, zombie modes and of course, battle royale titles. That is why you can see him get into Dark Souls III, Fortnite, Days Gone, and World War Z. I’m certain that other titles will follow and soon appear as both clips and streams on his Twitch. However, there’s one common thread in all of his gaming. As the clip below shows, he has some serious shooter skills.
All the while, cortezw1 also presents his content with a really laid-back style and in a completely relaxed manner. As the action takes place, he comments naturally, making jokes and doing everything else he certainly otherwise does in his everyday life. This natural approach to streaming is more than welcome. 

He also delivers a lot of useful information, including changes in the games he plays, like the recent Season 2 update for Apex Legends. This makes watching his streams both fun and practical for anyone who is into these games. Of course, the Twitch community is reacting very well to this combo - right now, cortezw1 has over 2,000 followers. This number is certainly bound to grow.

If you want to find more about this streamer, follow his cortezw1 Twitch channel for more cool and exciting gaming content!