Twitch Stream Showcase: BaBBlu2

The new BaBBlu2 Twitch stream is a laser-focused gaming hub, just like its owner. This gamer, who is relatively new to the platform has a very precise gaming interest and it can be summed up with one tittle: Apex Legends. I can’t blame him, being that I too recently got into this battle royale game. However, unlike me, BaBBlu2 seem much more at home in the domain of the same title.

Right now, even though his stream began working only a couple of weeks ago, you can see a bunch of Apex Legends content. What is even more impressive is the fact that he is able to produce both short-form content like clips of only a few minutes in length, but also long-form streams. For example, his longest stream at this point is well over three hours in length.

This might seem like a simple matter, but time and experience showed that many streamers struggle in one domain and do better in the other. However, for BaBBlu2 seems just as comfortable in both forms - he is not a gamer who will drown you in his talk. Instead, he seems very much consumed by the game and the gameplay taking place in it.

There’s also another thing really going for him and his future gaming content creation - the choice of game. Apex Legends is currently in its Season 2, which began only a day ago. The additional features, rebalancing, and changes will all attract both players and viewers to the same ecosystem.

Also, the game is getting a new character - Wattson, which also has many players excited. On the count of all of this, it is likely to expect that there’s going to be a big spike in all activity related to Apex Legends, so BaBBlu2’s decision to start streaming right now is a really good one.

If you’re an Apex Legends fan, I can’t stress this enough - start following BaBBlu2 Twitch channel right now!