Neon Hook (Cyberpunk Arcade) Review

When it comes to the main hook (pun intended) of Neon Hook game, I have no doubt that it lies in the first audio-visual impression it leaves on its players. As an Android pixel art title that is set in a cyberpunk world, its synth soundtrack, along vivid colors and sounds of a place similar to Neo Tokyo or some other imaginary city immediately hit home.

For an indie game created by the Canadian Arytomi Studios Inc as its first release, this is a huge accomplishment. After all, you have a game that in the first minute of gameplay looks and feels like The Last Night by Odd Tales is no small accomplishment. At the same time, its core gameplay is simple just like it should be for a casual title.

It features a character (one of many that can be unlocked) who has to climb upwards in this neon city of the future. To do this, you use a hook and a clear point-and-release mechanism for its deployment. However, falling debris, spaceships and many other elements make this task challenging while the power-ups provide some much-needed aid from time to time.

All this makes for one hell of a first game. The only downside I noticed is the level of challenge might be too steep for some players, but being that it is a cyberpunk game, this is almost to be expected. Asides from that, Neon Hook will be able to easily hook you in its gameplay (OK, I’m stopping with hook puns).


A fun game featuring a strong design and atmosphere of a cyberpunk title. Download Neon Hook for free on Google Play right here!