Hot on Android: Overdrive Premium is now Free!

Overdrive Premium is an Android game from the RPG section, but one that is based on a 2D hack and slash approach. Previously, it had two versions, one paid and one free, but now the premium one is also a zero-bucks deal! The new app version has no ads and many of the previously locked premium features are now all accessible.

Set in the distant future where humans are merged with machines, the game puts the player in the shoes of a warrior who has to stop an onslaught of cyborg enemies.

With some nice minimalist neon graphics and simple but engaging gameplay, Overdrive made quite a few fans over the previous period. This is also seen in the fact that it has a 4.2 rating with over 12,000 reviews. If the game looks interesting to you, check it out on Google Play and get it for free!