Hot on Android: Lego Tower

If you're a Lego fan, prepare to be completely smitten - NimbleBit released a reskin of their famous Tiny Tower series, this time set in the famous brick universe. Once more, the players will get a chance to build their tower out of many different levels and make sure their inhabitants have everything to live, but also work and play.

Naturally, the graphics are the biggest selling point here and a number of Lego characters is really astounding. There is also an abundance of themes, including the Far East setting, Construction tower, and Dinosaur Park, just to name a few. Of course, the game is free so it is no wonder that the title is crawling with microtransactions and similar F2P elements.

However, if you love Lego passionately like many around the world do, you won't mind it one bit. Check out Lego Tower on its official Google Play page!