Heroic - Magic Duel Review (Video)

This title is made by Nordeus and it is basically a F2P card strategy game that can be found on iOS and Android. In my Heroic Magic Duel review, I examine its metagame mechanics, but also showcase the gameplay during a single match with I crushed. In short, the game showcases a fun setup that will be familiar to all players of Clash Royale and does a great job offering a new version of the same setup. Check out my gameplay review video right here:

While the game might not be too original, it does provide a gaming environment that is fun and dynamic, while it also allows you to explore more of the more miniscule meta-management. Besides, the animations and graphics assets are well done and have that vintage high fantasy feel. This is why you have your dwarves, Ents, regular human medieval military units and all you're otherwise accustomed to. I’m certain that anyone who is ready to engage more with the game can find it even more rewarding once they get the different tactics down and can employ interesting combos in the field.

Takeaway on Heroic - Magic Duel:

A strong card-based strategy game in the traditions of Clash Royale. Try it out on Google Play for free!