Coming Soon to Steam: AvoCuddle

If you love avocado and gaming, open your calendar app because you should mark a date - July 13! On this day AvoCuddle is getting its release on Steam and like any other big fan of this delicious fruit, you'll love this 2D platformer.

The game showcases nothing less than a tale of true love that will set you on a quest for your soul mate, all the while you play as - you guessed it right - an avocado. Naturally, the quest will include many dangers, puzzles, and challenges, set in a gorgeous and diverse universe full of mesmerizing planets you'll need to overcome.

The game is going to be published through FistikTech while the developer of the game is Ramez Al Tabbaa. The trailer on the Steam page showcases a really gorgeous-looking game with many different interesting gameplay mechanics, so I have no doubt that it's going to be a cool indie release.

If you’re into adventure games and/or avocados, the AvoCuddle is not a title you should miss out. Check out its Steam page and put it in your wishlist until its get released on July 13, 2019!