Awesome Gaming Video: City of Heroes 2019 Review | It's amazing | First Impressions

In the gaming content creation world, you have your game reviews and then you have reviews like the KiraTV did here for the City of Heroes re-release. Instead of doing a regular game overview, this content creator who is otherwise into MMORPGs does an amazing job of slowly putting you in a story of an old title which not got re-released as a private server MMORPG. Check out his take on the City of Heroes right here:

Now, why is this video so special? Because it covers the game from every angle, including history, potential monetization, and technical details about the servers, but also diving deep into his personal gaming experience and otherwise the state of modern MMORPGs. This is very rare, but KiraTV manages to cover all of these things to provide a really engaging video.

Of course, almost 20,000 views (which is very niche for the superhero RPG crowd) shows that my view on this clip is shared by many others. Simply put, if you love gaming and even if you never heard about the game, you will still watch until the end.

If you like the clip, stick with this content creator - check out his Twitter, Instagram and Discord server, but most importantly, follow his KiraTV YouTube channel!