Android Gaming News Flash: Saviours of Uldum is arriving in Hearthstone on August 6

There's a new expansion coming to the biggest card crafting game in the world and it is called Saviors of Uldum. It will introduce precisely 135 brand new cards and it will allow the players to join the League of Explorers. What's even better for Hearthstone fans is the fact that we're only a month away from its launch!

New Cards of Hearthstone: Saviours of Uldum

With over 100 additional cards, there will be new mechanics in the game, as well as many new combos, which is basically the point of such a huge number. In the wake of the game losing many of its key developers, like Ben Brode, it will be interesting to see how the new team management will deliver. All of that will be known on August 6, when the expansion will launch.

Right now, there is a pre-purchase bundle available like usually in Hearthstone and it includes 50 new card packs, random Golden Legendary card and the Elise Starseeker Card Back. For more information, check out the Hearthstone's Google Play page.