Twitch Stream Showcase: liftedgamingnetwork

The first thing I think about when I watch the liftedgamingnetwork Twitch stream is the movie The Big Lebowski. More precisely, I think of Jeff Bridges as the Dude - this content creator reminds me intensely of the same character, only if you could imagine the Dude playing and streaming games (while also doing it with more energy than the original lethargic Dude).

For me, that’s simply awesome - liftedgamingnetwork provides an instant level of likeability if you’re into his type of dry and off-beat humor (I know I am). Furthermore, he is - for a lack of a better term - all-in on his style of streaming. From the first moment, you’ll be able to hear him do voices, causally interact with his audience and do plenty more entertaining stuff. Essentially, he’s like a morning DJ on some cool backwater rock station - there’s a bit of grit to his approach, but also tons of charm and humor.

When it comes to his gaming of choice, he is mainly into multiplayer survival games. This is why you can find plenty of DayZ and H1Z1 streams on his Twitch, but also on his YouTube channel. However, he is not a man built for only one game or even genre. You can also see him play Ark: Survival Of The Fittest, Minecraft, Apex Legends, and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege. I’m sure he’ll find many more titles in the coming weeks and months.

Interestingly, liftedgamingnetwork is relatively new to content-making. This content creator has been streaming for less than half a year. Yet, I’m sure he’s going to find a huge audience among those who love this rough but very engaging approach to gaming. At the same time, liftedgamingnetwork is also incredibly friendly and genuinely open to other games, which will also help with his rise to popularity.

If you want to help the same ascent, check out his Facebook page and Twitter account. Lastly, don’t skip on following his liftedgamingnetwork Twitch channel!