Twitch Stream Showcase: younghoratio1

The younghoratio1 Twitch stream is an interesting gaming content hub mainly thanks to his owner. This channel is run by a chill streamer from the US, but who is currently based in Japan. More precisely, he’s an active duty member of the US Navy and thus he is deployed in the same nation. He’s a person who clearly takes his job and role in the navy seriously, so much in fact that he was named Sailor of the Month for November 2017.

Now, with the deployment, foreign country and the fact that he’s a hard-working serviceman, you’d think he would be short on time for almost anything else. However, the Twitch channel shows that he is also more than dedicated to gaming and content creation. His stream is relatively new and younghoratio1 sees himself as an up-and-coming streamer, but he made a great start. His channel is close to 200 followers and he covers a range of games.

These include Mortal Kombat 11 and Tom Clancy's The Division 2, but also Dauntless. The last game is a great choice because this PvE free-to-play title is becoming mad popular. A few existing videos younghoratio1 made so far show that he found his sea legs (pun intended) in the game very fast. This, as well as smartly moving to making content in the same title will almost certainly get him some eyeballs in the Twitch community.

Additionally, he is more than interested in building a community. He loves to interact with other gamers and is open to hearing their advice. His streaming schedule is focused on making content over the weekend but he sometimes crams a stream or two during the work week as well. If you’re interested in learning more about younghoratio1, check out his Twitter and really interesting Instagram accounts. Also, if you love chill gaming and especially Dauntless, follow his younghoratio1 Twitch channel!