Twitch Stream Showcase: xxBeePoWeRxx

Sometimes, it’s hard to pitch a Twitch stream to someone. However, the xxBeePoWeRxx Twitch channel is not one of those - if you’re a fan of shooters and battle royale games, this content creator from the Netherlands has the right stuff for you. His stream might be relatively fresh, but his shooter clips and streams are hard-edged and showcase a veteran gamer.

Right now, you can see him play the top of the crop when it comes to battle royale titles. This means PUBG, Fortnite, but mainly Apex Legends. Besides Twitch, he is also maintaining a new YouTube gaming channel and a Discord server. At the latter one, just like his channel, xxBeePoWeRxx is readily interacting with his viewers and subscribers, which makes a great basis for a cool and growing community.

If you want to learn more about the same community or check out his shooter skills, follow the xxBeePoWeRxx Twitch stream as soon as you can!