Twitch Stream Showcase: Vavican

The first thing that catches my eye on the Vavican Twitch stream is the awesome visual design it features. The channel's logo is a custom-made twist on the V is for Vendetta Guy Fawkes mask, followed by a really cool color palette that's a blend of deep blue/purple, black and red. In other words, you can immediately see that this content creator thinks about the details and the presentation, which are great to have when you're starting out as a streamer.

Naturally, his content is not far behind. Vavican currently has gaming videos and streams from Battlefield V and Grand Theft Auto V. Here, you can enjoy his very chill and composed style of streaming, which is a sight for sore eyes having in mind the sea of overly-stoked, overly-hyped streamers that inhabit Twitch.

Expectedly, Vavican is also serious about his social media presence. That is why you can find his YouTube gaming channel, Facebook fan page, and Twitter account. If you like shooter and action games, follow him on these networks and naturally, don’t forget to do the same on Vavican Twitch channel!