Twitch Stream Showcase: scruffygolem196

The scruffygolem196 Twitch stream is a tour de force of some impressive FPS action and you won’t need long to figure this out. Start watching any of his streams or clips and you will see the owners of this channel, a gamer by the nickname Scruffy, really shredding it. In his recent stream of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, for example, you can see his skills with the humble RK 7 Garrison where he downs multiple enemies in a matter of seconds.

There is plenty more of similar action in his content. With only 24 years, this tech and otaku geek is only starting with his content making on both PC and Xbox. I bet there is plenty more cool stuff to come from this gamer so follow him on his YouTube channel, Instagram and Discord server. Before all of that, follow his scruffygolem196 Twitch channel!