Twitch Stream Showcase: PapaBananaVHS

When it comes to entertainment - gaming content included - I believe it is exceedingly important to have an angle that will help you connect with the first-time viewers. For the PapaBananaVHS Twitch stream, that angle is super-clear: it's bananas. Not bananas as in crazy, but bananas as in, well... bananas! While streaming, this content creator wears a banana costume and the whole stream is saturated with banana art and other references of the greatest fruit on the planet.

Yet, at the same time, there’s another interesting layer to this streamer - he is a stay-at-home dad! He streams usually about three or four times per week, usually starting at  8:30 pm PST and ending around 11:30 pm. PapaBananaVHS really tactically uses the time while his wife is at work and their little boy is sleeping.

The same tactical mindset help in his choice of games as well. Right now, you can see him play Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Fortnite, but I bet other shooters and action games will follow. Still, it’s great to see PapaBananaVHS focused and determined inside of a tough battle royale fight, while he’s wearing a full-body banana suit.

However, above all of this, this streamer has a nobler ultimate goal. He wants to transform this activity into a full-time job so that he can be a positive force in the community and give back to those who need it the most - kids and teens. With his experience and newfound fatherhood, his openness and general friendliness blend perfectly. All of this shows that PapaBananaVHS really stands a chance to use his new dad mindset and help make this world, at least a tiny bit, into a better place.

As a parent myself, I can tell you that this might not be as far-flung as it sounds to some of you. If you want to find out more about this content creator, follow the same streamer on Twitter and Instagram accounts, but also follow his PapaBananaVHS Twitch channel!