Twitch Stream Showcase: magnumsean

Video games are often perceived as nothing more than leisure time, but many of us in the gaming community know that there is much more to them. The magnumsean Twitch stream is a perfect example. This channel is run by Sean, a gamer from Portland, Oregon who always felt a bit of stage fright when he had to do something in front of other people. He decided to get into gaming content creation as both a means to enjoy the things he loves, but also overcome that performance anxiety.

Sean’s first broadcast featured his favorite game, Borderlands 2. However, he is also interested in many other games, including one of my all-time favorites, Hearthstone. His Twitch is only starting out, but Sean has his bases covered - he runs a Twitter account, but also maintains an Instagram presence. The second social media shows many other things he’s also into, including family, cars, and basking in the amazing nature of the great Pacific Northwest. However, at the same time, Sean hope to one day find his career in gaming as well and this is really a great first step.

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