Twitch Stream Showcase: locorican17

One thing immediately pops out for me about the locorican17 Twitch stream. This channel is run by Manny, a lifelong gamer who’s been playing since he was a kid. Now, he decided to start streaming and doing gaming content, but with an interesting twist - his goal is to use his channel to bring both gamers and non-gamers together! This is a great idea, even though I never really thought about it. But, when you look at it, there must be millions of people who want to get into gaming but often find it too odd and uninviting at first.

Manny, on the other hand, is a perfect choice for this process. He is a chill guy who has a pleasant voice and a very cool streaming style. He is also a console gamer and plays mostly FPS, so right now you can see him shredding in Battlefield V, but also in some retro titles. At the same time, he is open to other genres as well, so I’m certain his future content will also rock.

No matter if you’re a veteran gamer or just someone looking at this space from afar, Manny has something for you, so head to his content for some chill fun. To do that, check out his Twitter and Instagram accounts and of course, follow his locorican17 Twitch channel!