Twitch Stream Showcase: jensocide

The jensocide Twitch stream belongs to a content creator who has plenty of things going on in his life. He’s married with two kids and his family owns a number of pets. Yet, he’s able to find time to not just run a great gaming spot content-wise, but also support and grow a great community through many different outlets. These include a Twitter, Instagram and Facebook fan page accounts, all maintained regularly.

But, none of these wouldn’t make any sense if the gamer behind them wasn’t up to the task. Fortunately, Jensocide is a more than capable and interested in many different games. Right now, on his Twitch stream, you can find content on XERA: Survival, Dauntless, Rage 2 and Path of Exile, all presented in a friendly and easy-going manner. On his YouTube channel, even more videos can be found, including The Casual Heroes podcast that covers everything and anything gamers might be interested - from comics to sports. However, when it comes to pure gaming, I’d say that League of Legends is jensocide’s main focus, as his numbers Twitch stream showcase.

It is also important to mention that jensocide sees his channel as “small right now, but growing”. I completely agree with the second part being that I see many reasons why the channel will continue to grow. But, with well over 1,100 followers, it is anything but small, even though the same number is bound to rise. After all, it’s easy to see why people enjoy jensocide’s content. 

At the same time, the channel often holds giveaways and jensocide even uses donations for these and contests as well. While gifts, contests, and giveaways are not a way how a bad channel can become popular, they are a great tool for cool channels like this to gain more exposure. Furthermore, the current central hub of the same community is this Discord server.

If all of this seems like something that would like to explore further, start following jensocide Twitch channel right now!