Twitch Stream Showcase: gera_nora

The gera_nora Twitch stream is new by all accounts. It is run by a gamer who’s a 17-year-old and the stream itself has also been created not that long ago. Yet, the content this young gamer provides is in no way inferior to the videos and streams his older gaming peers are making. Right now, gera_nora is mainly into Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege and ARK Survival, currently aiming for daily streams.

At the same time, his streaming style is very composed and chill, providing a nice environment for anyone who’d like to interact with him. In other words, his relatively new stream is definitely a welcoming place for future followers, which is a great thing for an up-and-coming streamer to have.

If you’re interested in the previously mentioned games, check out the gera_nora Twitch channel. It might be new, but it and its content creator are only starting their gaming adventure!