Twitch Stream Showcase: AstroAnie

Often on Twitch, you’ll find content creators who, at least in my view, punch way above their weight in terms of followers. Streamers who play shooters and basically scream into their microphones until they glitch out have thousands and thousands of people enjoying every second of that type of content. That is why it’s a really refreshing to find creators like Anie who has almost one thousand followers on her AstroAnie Twitch stream. Unlike the previously mentioned one-trick-pony channels, AstroAnie has very diverse content.

Firstly, she is a Graphic & Web Designer based in the US and has a number of interests. Besides gaming, these include pixel art and as she calls it, space art, so you can find her in art streams where she does digital paintings in real time. She also seems like a super-friendly and outgoing person so it’s no wonder she does Let’s Chat streams, as well as Outdoor and Travel content. These sometimes even include her backyard as a cool backdrop. That unforced attitude towards streaming, which binds all of her content forms, has to be one of the reasons for her rising popularity.

When it comes to the games she plays, he streams include titles like The Witness, What Remains of Edith Finch, Amnesia: The Dark Descent (one of the best horror game IMO) and Hellblade, followed by plenty of retro titles. Clearly, her gaming taste is both versatile and skewed towards high-quality titles. Below you can see one of her streams of Resident Evil Remaster:

At the same time, it’s great to see that Anie is also practical in terms of her community building. This is why she has an Instagram and Twitter accounts, as well as a Discord server called Anie’s Space Party. If you like diverse gameplay content along with art and chat streams, check out AstroAnie Twitch channel. I believe it will be well worth your time.