Twitch Stream Showcase: aljay41

The aljay41 Twitch stream comes with a very interesting background. Its author is a 25-year-old who graduated from Northern Arizona University with a B.S. in communication. However, at the same time, during the winter months, this content creator and now NAU graduate teaches kids how to snowboard! I think it’s awesome when creators enter gaming content with a diverse experience and aljay41 is a perfect example of why this helps so much.

Right now, you can see him playing Brawlhalla, The Elder Scrolls Online, Apex Legends, Rocket League, and League of Legends, but also less well-known titles like Mordhau. Through all of that, he is focused on entertaining people (teaching kids to snowboard helped him in that area) and it’s enough to watch a few minutes to see aljay41 really does have a ton of fun on his streams.

He’s only starting out as a content creator, but I’m sure he’ll go far. If you’re interested in his gaming clips and streams, check out his YouTube channel but don’t forget to follow his aljay41 Twitch channel right now!