Odd and Mysterious: Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad

Ubisoft is not exactly my favorite AAA game development company at the moment. Watch Dogs: Legion looks like the most generic possible concept trying to ride the expected Cyberpunk 2077 wave, minus any character or charm, except the evil-corps-rule-the-world shtick we saw a million times before. Now, on E3, the same company announced what to me looks like another quick dev project for a quick buck, this time in the seemingly endless Tom Clancy's universe of serious people with guns. So, what is the game all about?

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad Explained

This mobile hero shooter takes the character from not one of Tom Clancy's game, but as far as I can tell, all of them. You got your Splinter Cell, The Division, Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon and other famous killers from the mainly FPS games. Now, they are in this mobile title, fighting against one another in what seems like lane-based levels. The graphics are the strongest part of the title, naturally, with cool low-to-medium poly renderings of characters like Sam Fisher of Splinter Cell. 

However, the gameplay seems abysmally boring, with the groups facing each other, taking cover behind a concrete barrier. Besides all of the characters come with special abilities and all of that, but this seems like nothing more than a good old F2P monetization funnel. You want Sam to get a better silencer? Well, you can speed up its research for $0.99 and stuff like this. 

Finally, how many characters does the player control, one or all of them and how much control does the player have? Sure, a better option would be that a game is a squad-based tactical strategy, but in that case, the level design is beyond bad.

If Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad Explained doesn't look worn-out to you, follow its development or pre-register on its official page. However, I think I'll take a massive pass on this.