Occidental Heroes Review

Let me get right into it - Occidental Heroes is among the best RPG games I tried on Android for a long time. It offers a role-playing experience that is visually pleasing, based on solid gameplay mechanics and even has a ton of engaging narrative.

The game offers a basic roguelike feel where you start off with a three-person team in a low-fantasy world. You travel between towns, get quests, explore the countryside and enter into combat with brigands, wolves, renegade priests, and many others. 

I love the fact that the game offers a real party-based RPG setup, along with the distinction between melee and ranged characters. Additionally, all of them have some specialties and skills they use for the group. When the combat begins, which is turned-based and set in a grid of hexagons, there is room to make tactics and play with different positioning. However, the game would use some additional elements here, like spells, potions or some other factor that could be used mid-combat.

When it comes to the narrative, the game world this title provides is rich and very interesting, including a strong note of dark humor. I’m pretty sure that The First Law by Joe Abercrombie strongly influenced Occidental Heroes. If I'm right kudos to the developers because that’s one of the best role-models a game like this can have.


For a free (monetization is through ads which are very modestly present) game, Occidental Heroes is an incredible accomplishment. Try it out on Google Play right now!