Hot on Android: The Room Two is now $0.99!

The Room series by Fireproof Games continues to be one of the seminal titles in the domain of Android gaming, but especially the puzzle genre. The series has been both incredibly successful and also a guiding star for many similar releases (or hopefuls). Now, the most popular game in the franchise is on a big sale.

Half Off on The Room Two

The title is a physics-based puzzle presented using a big serving of all-around mystery. With over 200,000 reviews and an aggregate score of 4.9, the quality of the game is hard to deny. When is even more impressive is that it got to this impressive position as a paid app, going for about $2 (depending on the market).

Now, the title is half-price so it's a perfect opportunity to try out the best of what Fireproof Games managed to make so far. If you're up for this, check out the game at its Google Play page and use the discount before it runs out!