Hot on Android: HELI 100

I'm all about different genres when it comes to Android gaming, so when you show me a nice-looking and fun-seeming arcade game, I'm all for it. HELI 100 looks like one of those titles. It is a top-down shoot 'em up feature a helicopter battling a range of enemies over different urban areas, more precisely the mech vs. aliens setup. The game was made by Tree Men Games and as an arcade, it offers a unique and engaging setting with some interesting quirks. 

Firstly, there are many of the regular bullet hell features, like a bunch of upgrades and power-ups. However, more interestingly, the game is played in portrait mode, which is not expected from this title, especially when it comes to maneuvering. Yet, it looks like the developers at Tree Man Games made this setup work, just like the game as a whole.

If you like titles of this nature, check out HELI 100 which is completely free on its Google Play page!