Hot on Android: Graveyard Keeper

The trend of porting successful pixel art emulators from Steam to Android continues. Recently, Stardew Valley hit the market with this concept. Now, another darling of the indie community made its Android debut and it takes the players to a medieval cemetery.

Graveyard Keeper as a Cemetery Strategy Simulator

The game puts the player into the leather shoes of a graveyard managed in the middle ages. Here, the players need to find ways to increase their profits and make use of all of the materials they can find, including corpses and alchemy ingredients. At the same time, the game has an RPG component to it, making it clearly very appealing.

It's now out on Google Play for $10, but the reviews so far have not been great. It has 3.4 out of around 80 review and players are mostly complaining about bugs related to the game’s building segment and other issues. It is likely that the developers are already working on the problems and that these will be fixed with a patch. Still, for a premium app with a top-range price, it's no wonder that people are pissed about it.

If this doesn't look like a big deal to you, check out Graveyard Keeper at its Google Play page.