Hot on Android: Dawn of Isles

The NetEase Games is a game developer who's a part of the NetEase, Inc. family. This technology company, similar to Tencent, began providing services in all things online, from commerce to content. Its gaming division managed to quickly become a valuable part of the same family and is now the official partner for Blizzard entertainment in China, offering everything from WoW to Overwatch. As a heavyweight in mobile gaming as well, it had plenty of players expecting its new title.

Dawn of Isles MMORPG

The title is a mobile MMORPG with gorgeous-looking graphics and animations. The game includes additional elements of regular RPG games, including crafting resources and player-controlled combat. At the same time, as a F2P title, it also covers base building element around the Deity Altar and the home hub. 

But, the main selling point of the game is undoubtedly the visual style and animations. In fact, you can only glance a few of the in-game screenshots and you’ll see this is some next level visual stuff for mobile games. 

This made is really popular in a short amount of time, but the reviews note issues with the later stage gameplay (no surprises there for a F2P) but also server problems (which are more serious). If you’d like to try Dawn of Isles, check it out on Google Play.