Awesome Gaming Video: PEEBERSON REINHARDT MONTAGE - Overwatch

If you play Overwatch or enjoy content from this excellent game, you know that Reinhardt tank-class hero is all about size - regardless whether we're talking about his hammer of his massive energy shield, he brings a strong presence to any match. No one understands this better than PEEBERSON, a gaming content creator and streamer who is fully focused on main tank Overwatch gameplay. Check out his latest montage of the indisputable power of Reinhardt:

The video is barely over three minutes long, but it manages to capture the essence of this hero. In the clip, followed by the awesome tune Don't Stop Me Now by the legendary Queen, you can see what Reinhardt can do when used right. It might be his rocked charge, his swinging attacks or the barrier that can keep most of his team out of harm's way - PEEBERSON has it all down! An additional bonus is a fact that he is clearly having a lot of fun while playing, making the audio-visual combo of the video even more explosive!

If you like Overwatch and its tank heroes, you must watch this video. At the same time, you should check out this content creator on his YouTube channel and Twitch stream, while you can get all the latest updates on his Twitter account.