Awesome Gaming Video: Ghostface is Actually Good Now!

There is this weird space that only a small number of gaming content creators inhabit - it lies so close to actual working game developers that a person might mistake a streamer, for example, with an actual member of a game development company. Of course, you have to be insanely informed not just about a particular title, but also about gaming principles in general. 

None of that is easy or comes overnight. However, the content creator behind OMG I’m Blurry YouTube channel is located dead center in this space. Check out this video of hers on the changes to the Ghostface character in Dead by Daylight.

Saying that she knows what she's talking about is a gross understatement. Clearly, she possesses an expert level of knowledge about this game and horror genre in general (which is very diverse in the world of gaming). In the clip, you can hear her discuss the changes that the community wanted, the things devs delivered, her own take on the issues and so much more.

In real life, she's a mechanical engineering grad student, which explains her analytical approach and overall thoroughness, but her willingness to do detailed videos like this one is more than commendable. I'm really impressed with Blurry and you should watch her video if you love Dead by Daylight. 

Also, don't forget to see her other social media channels, like her Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch. Also, while you're at it, give a look at her Patron account - she more than deserves some direct support for her efforts!