Awesome Gaming Video: 1 VS 5 WITH MULAN! | Heroes Evolved #2

If you're familiar with the MOBA and general arena multiplayer domain, you probably know of Heroes Evolved. This game is a rising star in the same genre and for good reason - the relatively simple setup, followed by excellent visuals, graphics and animation all make it a likely future fan favorite. Inside of the game, one of the most popular heroes is Mulan, a melee and pusher character who's big on critical damage dealing. Recently, the thetypicalj YouTube gaming channel created a great showcase of the same hero. Check it out here:

In 12 minutes accompanied by a cool soundtrack, you can see the full range of abilities and possibilities of these excellent fighter. If you're planning to try out this game, Mulan should be among your first choices. Of course, if you do start to play it, don't forget to subscribe to the thetypicalj channel as well!