Android Gaming News Flash: Smite Blitz enters Open Beta

Smite Blitz new RPG that seems pretty high-budget is hitting its open Beta phase - the title is set in the same universe as the original Smite. The game is inspired by mythology and as it usually goes, it is taking influence from a range of different cultures, including ancient Greece, Nordic nations and Egypt. The players will create squads of gods and then battle with them in a range of modes.

These cover a single player campaign, co-op,  and a PvP setup. As expected, the game page description is full of catchphrases and all-caps titles but remains thin on the actual gameplay mechanics. Based on the promo photos, I'd say it's going to be a F2P reduced mobile MOBA of some sorts (using some of the original Smite mechanics) but with more focus on the single player and grinding.

If you're willing to find out more, check out Smite Blitz on its Google Play page.