Android Gaming News Flash: Dead by Daylight is going Mobile!

There must be armies of horror gaming fans who are celebrating right now, because Dead by Daylight from Behaviour Interactive is going to mobile devices. As one of the most popular multiplayer games in this genre, I believe it's going to be a guaranteed hit on Android and iOS as well. Here's what we know for certain at this point.

The Mobile Version of Dead by Daylight

So far, the only thing that is certain is that Behaviour Interactive confirmed that their hit title is coming to mobile. Additional information will be presented to the global audience during E3 that's taking place mid-June. This asymmetric horror multiplayer is an insanely successful release which puts a team of four human individuals against one human player. 

The same player takes the form of one of the famous horror villains, including names like Leatherface and Michael Myers. The survivors need to complete a series of challenges to escape, while the other side has a more straightforward task - to kill them all.

Right now, the game can be found on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. A Nintendo Switch version is going to arrive in the fall of 2019, so the mobile version will most likely come either around Christmas or early 2020. Of course, there's a slight chance that the mobile and Switch versions will launch together, which would be very awesome. For all updates, follow the game's official website and keep your fingers crossed.