Android Gaming News Flash: Battle Chasers: Nightwar is available for Pre-registration

A few years ago, Battle Chasers game was hotly anticipated title. Based on an award-winning and really popular comic of the same name, this squad-based RPG dungeon crawlers still has legions of fans. Now, all of them plus some new future fans can pre-register for the game's Android port that will be out soon.

Battle Chasers: Nightwar is hitting the Android Market

There is no doubt that this game has a ton of stuff to offer to all RPG fans, but especially those who appreciate some gorgeous graphics. In Battle Chasers, you create your team of heros and all of them possess unique skills. Then, a group of three of them ventures into dungeons and there kills and loots until the cows come home (or they all die).

Besides this, there is a crafit system in the game for all those weapon and armor fantastics (which is basically 90 percent of all RPG fans). Also, it is important to note that the game is not just about crafting and combat. In the tradition of all great RPG titles, it has a giant world the players can explore and profit from if they find the right spots.

There is no release date, but as expected, this is going to be a premium title. I'd wager its price is going to be set at about $10, but you can get a discount on that if you pre-register on Google Play right now.