Twitch Stream Showcase: ytkentaxd

The thing that strikes me immediately about the ytkentaxd Twitch stream is not directly related to its content. Instead, it more has to do with its owner, a gaming content creator called Kenta XD. Unlike so many other streamers out there, Kenta XD believes that his most distinguishing trait is his ability to keep striving. This is very interesting to me because it showcases the essential element for anyone who is looking to get better at anything: the drive to push further. For Kenta XD, the experience of this process came from his YouTube gaming channel that’s now over three years old.

Here, he believes he managed to learn the skill set of improving his videos and allowing his content to gain traction and find its audience. A similar thing can be applied to his much more recent Twitch stream, where you currently can see Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 streams. Right off the bat, you’ll see that Kenta XD is a laid back and pleasant-sounding streamer, even though he covers and plays a very dynamic shooter game (for now). Furthermore, his videos come with really chill music tracks, giving them even more of that relaxed feeling. In fact, it is easy to tell that Kenta XD is the same in real life as in his streams, and that’s a precious thing to have these days.

Yet, ultimately, Kenta XD is all about building his community and supporting the one he’s a part of, like the Gamers Corner Discord server. In that regard, he wants to be a positive force in the community who can help others start their gaming content creation adventure. This is a great option for anyone who is looking for a guiding voice in this ever-more competitive creative domain and Kenta XD seems like a good role model to have.

If this sounds up your alley, follow his Twitter and Instagram accounts for all updates on Kenta XD activities, streams, and other content updates. Of course, don’t neglect to follow his ytkentaxd Twitch channel as well!