Twitch Stream Showcase: VicPls

If you check out the Apex Legends Kills Leaderboard with the Wraith character, on the number two spot you'll see this name: VicPls_TWITCH. This username belongs to a young gamer from Sweden who runs the VicPls Twitch stream. Currently, as you see for yourself, he is the second-best Wraith main player and this is by no means a small thing.

In fact (having in mind the popularity of the game) it is a super-huge thing, to be honest. It makes VicPls one of the handful of players among well over 50 million users. You can check out his YouTube gaming channel to see some of his moves, which are beyond impressive and entirely inside of a professional gaming level.

However, unlike many other fantastic players, VicPls had to overcome incredible obstacles to get here. In spite of the fact that he is only 24-years-old, his life had many trials and tribulations. He is a former drug user who when through some very dark times in his recent past. This includes a car accident when he was a kid that left some permanent effects on his body. Right now, he’s recovering, taking medications and visiting a rehab center, all while working on his skills and his gaming content.

The appeal of VicPls gaming streams is clear - as an excellent Apex Legends player who is fun to watch, he is only starting to build his audience. With almost 2,600 followers on Twitch, I think he’s only getting started. While I’m sure he will get only more popular, I’m also very touched by the fact that he keeps on trying to help himself to live a better life. Anyone in the same spot should be congratulated and I wish he keeps pushing - things will get better eventually.

Right now, VicPls is looking to join an Apex Legends esports team and I think he should get a spot as soon as possible. If you agree, follow his VicPls Twitch channel, support his content and let’s help him reach his dream of going professional!