Twitch Stream Showcase: vicoaXe

To build a successful relationship, it’s important to have shared interests. A part of gamers behind the vicoaXe Twitch stream is a great example of this idea - these are Victoria and Aksel, coming from Norway and Spain, respectively. Currently, they are focused on working on their content as well as their Twitch presence, mainly (but not exclusively) in the genres of horror, survival, and action.

Right now, they feature streams of the insanely popular Fortnite and Aksel is working on becoming one of the controller builders in the game’s huge ecosystem. At the same time, Victoria is working on their social media like their Discord server, visual branding and everything else that makes up a good gaming channel.

Of course, the pair is also very determined to reach out to the community, connect with others and provide great content. This is why anyone can see that the same will certainly gather like-minded people around them, especially other couples who enjoy gaming together.

If you want to know more about this interesting gaming couple, follow the vicoaXe Twitch channel right now!