Twitch Stream Showcase: RenascenceMarq

The RenascenceMarq Twitch stream has a very straightforward pitch behind it - its content creator sees himself as a Modern Renaissance Streamer. This might sound too grandiose at first, but in truth, it perfectly suits him. The name behind this stream is Marq and he is a writer, photographer, musician, filmmaker, podcaster and live streamer. As his YouTube channel shows, Marq is into a huge range of video activities, covering almost every imaginable sub-genre of gaming and gamer culture videos. As for gaming genres he prefers, these include horror, FPS, sports game, MMORPGs, chill titles and racing games (but are not limited to these). Right now, you can see him play games like Prey, Doom, Vampyr, Midnight Club: Los Angeles, Borderlands and Overwatch.

When it comes to his streaming styles, Marq is all about having fun and sharing that fun with his viewers. This is why he already has almost 240 followers and I’m willing to be that this number will grow further. If you’re interested in his work, follow him on his Twitter and Instagram accounts, as well as the Instagram Collective Page for his crew.

Lastly, don’t forget to follow his RenascenceMarq Twitch channel!