Twitch Stream Showcase: pennyforatale

There's a single super-short clip on pennyforatale Twitch stream that is, for me, a great introduction to this channel and its tabletop gaming content. It is a still image showing the "stream starting soon" sign and the channel's logo - however, the artwork itself features a brooding forest lit from above by an unseen sky. Around are dark trees and unknown shapes, but more than anything else, the image shows the promise of an adventure. The same is true for this channel as well!

The stream is all about tabletop role-playing games but in this case, this does not mean only D’n’D and Pathfinder (which are great, but not everything there is to the tabletop RPG world). Instead, the channel content covers indie games, many of which are only trying to find their audience (and funding) on Kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms. The pennyforatale Twitch channel has space and time for them as well and that’s amazing to see - support like that can make or break a project that a group of passionate individuals spent years on.

Besides that, the Twitch stream, as well as its YouTube channel, features live games, in-depth interviews with game designers and live sessions with other tabletop aficionados. Here, I more than appreciate the fact that the host of the channels as well as the guests and collaborators have a sense of humor, especially about themselves. This is why you can see people wearing things like fairy wings, but also other insane outfits. Not taking yourself too seriously is always great in my book.

If you too enjoy tabletop RPG, take a moment a check out this merry band of hobbyists on their Twitter and Instagram accounts to see what are they up to. You can also support them on Patron and of course, don’t forget to follow the pennyforatale Twitch channel right now!