Twitch Stream Showcase: Nexticus

Gaming can often seem like something disjointed from the real world, all enclosed in its own small bubble. However, I believe that the best results in any domain are attained through merging experiences, not separating them, and Nexticus Twitch stream is a great example. It’s run by a gamer and tech enthusiast called Ernest or Nex. But, aside from these two things, Nex is also into fitness, as his Instagram shows. He is - seriously - into fitness. In fact, you can see some of his before and after photos and witness for yourself how far Nex came in just a few years. The transformation he underwent is both spectacular and inspirational.

This shows that Nex is a focused and driven individual and he brings these traits to his gaming content creation as well. He’s a lifelong gamer who began playing when he was only 4 and immediately dived deep into FPS with Counter-Strike. Today, he still continues to play the same genre and his channel is currently geared towards Apex Legends. Check out any of his streams and you can see the intensity both of the gaming action and Nex’s determined facial expressions. In the future, he might expand to GTA V and League of Legends, but also MMORPGs is his audience shows enough interest. For now, any Apex fans should take notice of this stream.

Nex is determined to build his community based on good vibes only - he has an open approach to this, calling on any and all gamers to come and chill with him. He generally seems (and sees himself) as someone who loves to meet new people, which is great for any Twitch streamer. Lastly, he has a really simple approach to his community management - he just asks everyone to not be a douche. For me, that perfectly sums up any up-and-coming gaming community.

If you’re up for some great Apex Legends action and want to become a part of a community growing around a very focused content creator, follow Nex on his Twitter account and check out Nexticus Twitch channel right now!