Twitch Stream Showcase: Myst_TVx

The Myst_TVx Twitch stream is a gaming content hub that is only starting out. However, in spite of a lack of content, there’s a single line in the Community Rules panel that is really inspiring to me. It simply states:

Don’t be a dickhead, that’s my job.

I find this both funny and refreshing. In an age when so many content creators of all type work so hard to be as palatable as possible to the largest possible number of people, this is a ray of sunshine in a cloudy sky. Besides, Myst_TVx is simply all about having a good time. This is why the channel will feature all manner of games and genres.

Currently, this streamer is mainly about World of Warcraft. This already legendary game has an ample following, numbering a community of over 5 million on Twitch alone. Besides, Myst_TVx is interested in so many additional games, including Fortnite and games from decades ago. The last category will cover that nostalgic feel that we old gamer know so well - the moment when an old title moves you to a different (and often simpler and happier) time. It’s really cool to see people get into nostalgic gaming along with other up-to-date and popular titles, all of which will be streamed daily and in excess of four hours per session.

Because of this, the community around this channel will definitely grow fast. An additional factor is a fact that Myst_TVx will be giving away games to the channel’s followers. This is cool and generous, but also a very practical reason for any gamer to join the Myst_TVx community on Discord as soon as possible. The same goes for the channel’s Twitter account that will showcase all news and updates from the same content creator.

If you too enjoy watching some high-quality dickheadery and a range of awesome gaming streams, start following Myst_TVx Twitch channel!