Twitch Stream Showcase: mr_j_engel

There’s no other way of describing the mr_j_engel Twitch stream except to say first and foremost that it is different. Really different. Let’s just point out that its owner is a streamer who has been traveling through time (not sure if I should say that he has been or that he will be). The same time-traveling process included (includes?) 2018, the 1990s (where he still retains a lot of his pop references) and the present time (again, not sure if this is the streamer’s future or 2019). Currently, he is looking to resolve an issue with his flux capacitor (there’s no good time travel without a flux capacitor, of course) and get back to… somewhere in time.

Until then, he is working on his Twitch stream which currently features some Hollow Knight and Titan Souls, as well as some chatting videos. There’s no doubt that mr_j_engel is not your run-of-the-mill gamer, but I really appreciate his weird sense of humor as well as his blunt directness in the videos. It might not be for everyone, but do check out mr_j_engel Twitch channel right now - I’m betting that if you like him, you’re really going to like him!