Twitch Stream Showcase: LittleMizzery

Too often, the idea that video games alienate people can be heard from many different quarters. However, there are plenty of content creators that prove this to be completely false. The LittleMizzery Twitch stream is a perfect example, as it is all about the social side of gaming. It’s run by a 20-year-old girl streamer who wants to make her content and entire channel as inviting as possible.

Besides gaming, she wants to become a tattoo artist, so there’s a clear leaning towards both art and people interactions. Right now, she’s focused on using her skills as a makeup guru to always look awesome, but that’s not her only appeal. Along with this, LittleMizzery is about joking and interacting with her followers on the streams.

In fact, the interactions with other games are sky-high on this stream. Not only does LittleMizzery chat with her fans, but she also takes direct calls on podcasts, has guests and does everything to share her gaming passion and connect with like-minded people. Currently, the channel features many clips of her and her friends hanging out in the streams and chatting.

This is very cool because these gamers don’t just spend time in a game together, but actually take the effort to get together and work on something creative. Throughout all of this, LittleMizzery is willing to show her gratitude to her subscribers with mentions and other rewards. I'm hoping there’s going to be more direct gaming content on the stream as well, being that she already has a YouTube gaming channel with some cool Fortnite videos.

If this girl gamer sounds interesting to you, check out her Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. Clearly, she has her social media bases well and truly covered. But, besides that, hop on to her LittleMizzery Twitch channel and get a chance to hang out with some really cool people.